The Mission

For the past two months I have been asking myself the question of "what is the reason of my existence in this world?" As I reminisce the things that happened in the year 2008 I realize that most of my closes friends did change a lot. Most of them took the most traveled path of our society. Things like they stop dreaming, drinking, smoking and just live life as they come.

It's sad to know how they let go the bonds of principles that we used to live during our college years or during those days when we are all together. I could still remember quite clearly how these people would tell me "how great their passion was like running a business and world domination" or "some do tell me that for better or for worse we will cross that darkest tunnel and together we will see the light."

People do change especially when they are face with test. Test like a failed business, fear, pressure in work or life, or even death.

Many times I wonder if I would still consider living my own principles or simply drop it and join the fun. Every time I try to consider changing path ("enjoy and just have fun") it just won't fit me. I easily get bored. It's because these people talk shallow things without sense. They talk about their past, they daydream about having an awesome car and becoming the center of every hot chick they could find and they talk about sex.

I don't know why but every time they talk stuff like sex I pity the girl that they get into because I know that girl either lost her morale or needs the money. I'm just not that kind of guy.

Life is indeed tough and destiny is a very dangerous game to play with. But I will not loss my hope. For I know someday things will be better in the coming years.

May this be my vow for the rest of my life:

Be the miracle in someones life and your own, don't wait for a miracle to happen.


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