Yet Another Accident

I still remember clearly when I blog about people having an accident flying without wings. It was one brutal accident that I ever saw in my whole life. One of my regrets during those time was I never cared. I did mention on it clearly in my blog and I made a vow that day that I will help if another situation will came accross my destiny.

Just this evening when I was walking to go to a nearby place to eat my supper I walking besides a truck. The truck was loading and it did use its blizzard while waiting for something. Then while walking I heard a sound something like crushing but it was not clear what it is. When im about to reach the end of the truck I was thinking not to mind at all but something tells me that it might be an accident so I decided to look back and saw that it was really an accident.

There was some thought that tells me to just leave and not to care but I remember my promise and decided to help then while walking I saw the guy very clearly and it was one of our security guards who was hit by another motorcycle. He was riding his xrm motorcycle bike and walking like he was injured.

I keep on asking how was he? but he look at the person who hit him and talk to him why he over shoot and hit him. I was so worried that he might have some fructure or something. I keep on telling him to visit the hospital immediately but he seem not to mind my voice.

Then I told him to wait and i will look for help. I run to the company since it was just a couple of meters away. Then I ask for some help. Then they send some crew to assist.

It was just plain talk and after that the security guard guy just went back riding his bike again. And then I realize I don't think its that bad since he can still stand and even drive his bike.

I just ask for some name of those people who saw the incident and how to contact them if ever i will need them.

After that I just walk and eat my supper. I final made my vow to help people. I still think that this is just the beggining of something...


TeenyBopper said…
good samaritan eh? :)
maks said…
hehehe sort off lang
Jane Smith said…
hahaha i have read that blog previously...u are so funny!

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